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We are a brand storytelling andmarketing studio for purpose-driven founders.

We help entrepreneurs find their voice and share their stories to attract their dream customers.

Why Storytelling?

Your story helps you stand out from the thousands of other brands that deliver a similar product or service. In fact, when you clarify your brand story – you’ll be in your own league. Your customers will no longer try to fit you in a box. You’ll be standing out as a shiny sparkly circle!

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    Stories Your Audience Will Never Forget

    We help you tell your story through various channels and platforms including website copy, emails, pitch decks, social media, and more. For all of our work we promise…

    Timeless & Classy

    We don’t create content for the sake of it. Rather, we create foundational stories for your brand that help you attract your ideal clients over and over (and over..) again.

    Clear & Simple

    Our work is buzzword and fluff-free. We help you communicate a clear and concise message that will captivate your audience.

    Creative & Data-Driven

    Left-brain and right-brain unite! Don’t comprise on strategy or artistic self-expression. Working together, we will benchmark, measure, and drive ROI while still making space for creative flow.

    We’ve got your back through the whole journey.

    My Story

    Hey, it’s Akansha!

    I’m the founder of Citrus & Gold and I love helping leaders create impactful brands by leveraging their voices and stories. A few years ago, I had a feeling my own story wasn’t fully expressed as an analytics professional in Silicon Valley. So I left my cushy corporate job and went on a long windy journey to actualize my personal mission to empower leaders to be seen and heard for who they truly are.

    “The best thing about working with Akansha is that she really connects with you. She makes you feel comfortable and talks to you like she’s talking to her girlfriend at a cafe and she helped me to access my confidence when it came to marketing my business. She really listened to my story and taught me how to tell my story in an authentic way to reach my ideal client!”