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Find your voice. Attract a loyal tribe. Create content that sells.

If I know you, you are a passionate entrepreneur looking to make an impact in this world. Your business is driven by helping others more than anything else. You want to empower, inspire, and transform other people’s lives. And you want to do all of this while being able to design your own perfect lifestyle. 

But you realize that in order to live this vision, you need to attract clients and customers first! And  yes, that means you have to dedicate time to sales & marketing. 

So you find yourself frantically trying to grow your followers online. You’re feeling overwhelmed by creating content for all the platforms (website, email, Facebook, Instagram…phew). And even with all this work you are still having a hard time standing out when it comes to selling your products and services. 

What’s going on, right??

The good news is that marketing does not have to be complicated! The secret is simple: you have to be able to build authentic relationships online by creating content that connects.

So rather than collecting followers on Instagram, think about how you can create a write an engaging caption that builds trust with your current audience. Instead of focusing on short-term sales, spend time giving valuable content to form long-lasting relationships (and consistent revenue). The more you focus on communication with your audience, the easier it will be to convert your audience into paying customers.

Storytelling is your most valuable asset when it comes to marketing.

I work with entrepreneurs who are ready to tap into both intuition and analytics to create content that converts.

My mission with Citrus & Gold is to empower you with the right marketing strategies so you can focus 100% on what you love.

I want to help you create an authentic brand and relatable content that feels good to promote.

Creating an authentic, relatable brand through storytelling is not easy (as you probably already know). You need emotions and flow, but it also also requires strategies and proven frameworks. (Hello right-brain and left-brain!)

“I am really creative and I lack strategy at times which is so so important if you want to have a sustainable business. I literally remember praying to God that I need help, please send some help. Akansha and I have built an organic connection over the year and she heard about my woes and offered a really great coaching package. She used to work at LinkedIn and is so good at using all the tools and is great at mixing the left part of her brain and the right part as a creative herself and she is so good about bringing that balance. Asides from all the technical stuff the biggest thing I’ve learned with Akansha is how to keep going and not let me my mental chatter run me.”

-Priyanka, Chit Chat & Chai

My Process

When working together, here’s what you can expect:

Phase 1:

The Inner Work.

First, we get really clear on your business goals, brand purpose, and priorities so that we can create the right plan for you. We get rid of any brain fog, lack of clarity you may have about your marketing strategy.

This is also when I spend a good amount of time getting to know YOU as a person because your own story is an integral part of the process. 🙂

Phase 2:


Now we know what you want, let’s figure out what your buyers need. An expert marketer should be able to address their buyers problems and provide a solution. This part of the process is very research-driven.

Phase 3:

Create Compelling Content.

Storytelling should be fun not scary! During this part of the process, we develop authentic stories and content that speak to your audience. Then, we tailor those stories to different platforms including Facebook, email, your blog and Instagram. Each platform has its own strategy.

Phase 4:

Promote Authentically.

If you’re like any of the other clients I work with, you might be concerned about putting your brand out there in a way that feels contrived or forced. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to promote your brand in a way that’s authentic and feels natural to you.

The best part about this 4-phase process is that the frameworks and methods I teach you will still be relevant even after we are done working together…so you can rework this process again and again.


  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Copywriting
  • Brand messaging
  • Finding your voice
  • Bringing your personality to your content 
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs related to marketing and sales
  • Creating an authentic brand


You could decide to keep focusing your energy on Instagram pods, hashtags, and follow threads to attract an audience. Or, we could work together to create a stellar story about you and your brand that will help you build REAL relationships online and attract that loyal tribe you’ve been seeking!

“What did we gain from working with Akansha from Citrus & Gold? Much more than increased awareness of our brand and products and a new stream of direct traffic to our website, working with Akansha was a collaboration in which we gained more than any single statistic. Her passion, honesty and commitment to delivering the best for her partnerships shines through in everything she does. It was a pleasure to work with someone who is genuinely interested in helping companies that they believe in succeed. Any brand would be fortunate to work with her!”

– Smita & Aman, Simply Smita co.


When I first started Citrus & Gold I naively thought that I could only invest money that I made from my blog into my business. I couldn’t use any of my “personal” money into my ideas. That was so naive! What profitable business do you know that was able to make money without investing in it first?

I know it can be scary to invest in your business because the act alone shows how you are ready to uplevel and ready to believe in the power of what your brand can do. It’s much easier to spend that money on a music festival or vacation. It’s up to you to decide your priorities ;).

I believe both coaching and consulting can be valuable, which is why I offer both. As a coach, we collectively identify and create a marketing plan and I empower you with the right tools and resource to help you learn how to grow your own brand long-term. As a consultant, I help you execute on very specific strategies and plans we identify from the beginning.

I focus on marketing that is relevant to you and your business to help you unleash the full potential of your brand.

While every business is unique, I assure you that after working together, you will have stories and action-oriented frameworks you can use for months to years after we wrap up our time together!

Yes, we can still work together! You don’t need a large following to create valuable content that sells. All you need is an idea of a product/service you’d like to offer and the desire to create content to help grow your online brand.

What are your top 2-3 priorities for your business right now? If your priorities include increasing growth and engagement in authentic ways, this could be a good fit. If you are looking for a quick hack to increase your audience by 10x in one month – this may not be the right partnership.

If you are still focused on product development or are unsure if you are ready to commit to marketing, a pick-my-brain session could be very valuable at this stage!

Growing your brand is a big commitment but I find that once clients are mentally ready, the work that follows is relatively seamless. You can expect to commit at least 2-3 hours per week.

Ready to take your marketing to the next level? Let's get started!