uforia Studios Review: The Coolest Fitness Studio in Nob Hill


You want to know what brings me back to the same fitness classes over and over again? Good music. Music seriously make my workouts 100X and it’s half of the reason I’m obsessed with SoulCycle, POP Pilates, and uforia Studios.

You all have heard of Soul, you know I’m certified in POP Pilates, but have you heard of uforia Studios? Uforia has two locations, one in Palo Alto & one in San Francisco, and they offer three kinds of classes: Revolutions (spin), GRIT (high-intensity strength training), and Hip-Hop Club. What ties these classes together is that all of them are to the beat of the music.


My roommate Vrinda took me to my first Hip-Hop Club class, my friend Monya took me to my first Revolutions class at Uforia, and my former-roommate, Jessica, now works at uforia! Major community feels :).

What keeps me coming back are the hip-hop classes, even though I’m a terrible hip-hop dancer (I feel so badass but look so ridiculous!). I still enjoy these classes because everyone there is welcoming, non-judgmental, and there to have a good time. The instructors are amazing and all of the songs are on point.

I’d love for you guys to experience this studio with me so I’m partnering uforia Studios to give my readers a free class with the code citrusgold. You can use it at the Nob Hill location or Palo Alto and towards any of their classes ($25 value).

Also, I’m organizing a meet-up at the Nob Hill studio on December 2nd for the 6PM hip-hop class. Use the code above to join the class for free!

Yay can’t wait to embarrass myself ;). 


Uforia offer three kinds of classes: Revolutions (spin), GRIT (high-intensity strength training), and Hip-Hop Club and they all have amazing music!

Author: Akansha