Thinking of Buying a Squatty Potty? Try This Yoga Pose First.

My boyfriend has the best White Elephant gift ideas and for his most recent purchase he bought a Squatty Potty thinking it would receive a few chuckles and guess what… it was a MAJOR hit. We thought it was going to be a gag gift but people actually wanted to steal it!

^This was the highly-coveted item.

This hilarious exchange made me realize that people need help pooping. We are getting older and this shit is not getting easier (yes, pun completely intended). Sure the first steps to relieve constipation would be to add more soluble fiber to your diet, drink more water, and get tested for digestive issues like IBS. However, if you want a very simple, inexpensive solution you have to try this yoga pose first.

Why You Should Try Malasana

I am talking about Malasana, also known as the yogi squat or garland pose. If you look into the origination of the Sanskrit word Malasana, it can be interpreted in two ways. If you pronounce “mala” with short “a” sounds, “mala” actually means to “excrete” or “relieve” so you would think of this pose as a way to essentially defecate. If you pronounce it with two long a’s, like “maalaa”, “mala” means necklace or garland. You choose which interpretation you like but I think the first one makes a lot more sense. After all, not too long ago most humans would do their business in a squat-like position.

I was chatting to my aunt who lives in India earlier this year and she was telling me that her doctor prescribed her the Malasana pose for constipation! Wouldn’t it be nice if western doctors would provide lifestyle tips before prescribing medication? Anyways I digress.

Here’s What you Need to Do

Here’s what you need to do before going to the bathroom: stand with your legs in a wide stance and then slowly sink down into a squat with your knees wider than your torso. Bring your hands in a prayer position while gently pushing your knees open with your elbows. Hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat one to two times.

Not only will you help ease constipation you will also feel an amazing stretch for your inner thighs and hips!

So before you rush over to Amazon for another Prime purchase, try this yoga pose first. Even though a Squatty Potty may be the new trend, Malasana has been tried and tested for centuries.

Author: Akansha