How to Create a Quiz to Grow Your Audience

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At the end of 2019, I felt like my business was ready for a big shift. I was feeling inspired to grow, be seen, and serve my audience in bigger and better ways.

I knew I could no longer “hide” behind a few freelance clients. I had a feeling that I was supposed to be teaching and coaching more than quietly getting projects done for a handful of clients.

With that in mind, I got an email in my inbox that gave me the sign I was looking for. The email was from AnnMarie, a respected brand strategist, mentioning that she is launching a course to help entrepreneurs design and launch their own quizzes. Within a heartbeat, I signed up.


I instinctively knew creating the storytelling quiz was the right decision for me for a few reasons:

  1. I wanted to grow my mailing list and frankly was getting tired of creating free eBooks and other generic lead magnets. I knew that a quiz would be way more interactive and fun both for me and my audience.
  2. As a consumer myself, I personally found a lot of value from well-written quizzes and I  always thought it would be so cool if I could give similar amounts of value to my own audience members.  
  3. Finally, I had a feeling that a quiz would allow me to create my own sub-brand. It would allow me to put a stake in the ground and “claim” expertise while building services and offers around it.

For me, after a few days of brainstorming, I realized that expertise was going to be storytelling. That feeling was reaffirmed when I glanced at the post-it note on the wall right behind my desk where I had written previously “I am going to be the storytelling expert in 2020”.

So there we had it. 

With my 1:1 clients, I have observed and seen a few distinctive styles of storytelling and I wanted to help people better understand the way they communicate so that they could leverage that in how they connect with their audience.

I believe ultimately that the better you understand yourself, the more you can leverage to stand out from the crowd.


Since I wanted to help my audience further understand themselves, I decided to create an archetype quiz, known as a Personality Quiz on Interact. I personally really like personality quizzes but this article can help you determine the best quiz type for you and your business needs. I categorized my storytelling styles into 4 archetypes that would determine the quiz results: 

The Entertainer: the one who makes people smile and feel happy

The Connector: the one who makes people feel like they belong

The Motivator: the one who makes people feel inspired and hopeful

The Educator: the one who makes people feel wiser and smarter

From there, I worked backward and designed questions that would help classify each quiz taker into their respective archetype.


I wanted my quiz to be fun, interactive, shareable, and valuable all while meeting my own objectives for the quiz.

As I was designing the questions I had 2 main objectives: 1) to determine the results for the quiz taker 2) to help me better understand and segment my audience.

In total my quiz had 8 questions: 5 of them were specifically designed to determine the quiz results while 3 of them were written for segmentation purposes.

I did my best to keep the quiz engaging by including a variety of questions: a couple of them being entertaining with pictures, some more straightforward, while others were emotion-driven.

I also wanted to ensure that each answer was distinct from the other so that there was no confusion or overlap within the answer choices (I think my prior background as quantitative researcher helped me understand the nuances of writing effective, unbiased quiz questions!).

Here are just a couple of examples of quiz questions I included (of course, you can test them out yourself by going to


When it came to implementation, it was important for me to find a platform that was user-friendly and effective. Interact was the top choice hands-down due to its easy to use interface and the fact that it was specifically designed for entrepreneurs to grow their business!

The implementation portion didn’t take too long and within a couple of days, we had the quiz up and running! Luckily, I had a team member who was able to support me in this portion and whenever we had any specific questions about the process, we would simply chat the Interact team on their website and get an answer within a few hours!


In interact, you could either redirect the results to your own landing page or use their built-in page to display the results. For simplicity, I chose their pre-designed results templates (although I may choose to switch this over to a re-direct so I can add more links and capabilities!).

My goal was to make all results equally as valuable and important. No one storytelling style is better than the other (and I deeply believe that!). So first I really wanted to celebrate my quiz taker.

I gave a brief description of what makes each storytelling style unique and further expanded on its strengths and shadows. Near the bottom of the results page, I also included a short intro bio to me and what I do since I knew there would be people taking the quiz who had never heard of me or Citrus & Gold!

Finally, I had a call to action button to invite the quiz takers to join my Powerful Personal Brands Facebook group if they wanted to get more support on how to put their storytelling style into action.


Once the quiz was written and designed it was time to integrate the quiz platform with my email marketing platform, ConvertKit. The integration just took a few clicks of a button. In ConvertKit, I created 4 different sequences (one for each respective result) and I was able to map that to the quiz results with just a few clicks. 

That meant that when someone completes the quiz, not only do they get their results sent straight to their email but they also got a drip sequence filled with other tips on how to put their storytelling style into action!


Last but definitely not least, I get to talk about quiz performance and analytics! Honestly, it was such fun launching this quiz and seeing people sign up IMMEDIATELY! Within the first week of the launch, I had over 150 people take the quiz…all through organic promotion!

I loved better understanding my audience by seeing what storytelling style would be the most popular. I definitely didn’t expect the Motivator to be so high compared to the others!

Overall, creating a quiz does require some extra planning and strategy but the results and experience are completely worth it. Not only was I able to share valuable information with my audience I also grew my list more in a week than I had done all of 2019!

If you’ve been thinking about creating a quiz I highly recommend doing so. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business this year, as it served as the inspiration for multiple products and offers I am currently building!

If you have questions about the process I’d be happy to help! Simply leave a comment below or message me on Instagram @citrusandgold

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