My Experience Spray Tanning at Brown Sugar Boutique!

Brown Sugar Airbrush Tanning San Francisco

Did you know that people with brown skin tones can also spray tan? Now you may be surprised to hear me talk about tanning on this blog as I haven’t broached many topics like this in the past but spray tanning has been something I had been curious about for years. I hesitated to try it for a while since I could barely find resources online that shared experiences about spray tanning for darker skin tones.

However a few months ago, I won a giveaway on Instagram that let me finally try it out at a cute salon in the Marina called Brown Sugar. I was so happy with the results that I want to share the details about spray tanning in case you are interested in giving it a shot yourself. I also want to thank Jacky Zuercher from Brown Sugar for providing expert advice on why spray tanning can be beneficial for women with darker skin colors.

Why Spray Tan?

I know what you must be thinking “why tan if you are already tan?” A lot of people with darker skin tones are under the misconception that a spray tan will either make their skin appear unnaturally and excessively dark, or that it will have virtually no effect at all.

I’ve found that spray tanning is a great way to smooth out the appearance of your skin by masking blemishes, scars, and other minor skin discolorations. Also, spray tanning is a great hack to make yourself look a little more toned (don’t worry you don’t have to go to the body-builder tan extreme).

According to Jacky at Brown Sugar their spray tans are customized with each clients natural skin tone in mind so it isn’t a one size fits all kind of solution. For darker skin tones, spray tanning helps to even out the overall appearance of your skin (IE no more dark arms and pale legs!).

Oh also if you are worried about turning orange there are a few ways to prevent that! First,
choose a tanning salon that does not have orange tones in their solution and that balances their warm tones with cool tones. To avoid appearing “orange-y” its also important to stay hydrated; your bodies pH balance effects the appearance of your topical tan (who knew?)!

Victoria Secret Model Joan Smalls
^Victoria Secret model Joan Smalls definitely spray tans

The Experience

There are a few preparation steps that can seem annoying at first but they are totally worth it if you want an even, long-lasting tan!

The first step to take is exfoliation. Make sure to exfoliate your skin for 2-3 days leading to your spray tan. If you shave, be sure to do it at least 24 hours before tanning and any manicures/pedicures should also be done a day before. Brown Sugar Boutique has a full page dedicated to pre and post tan care.

The tanning experience itself is quite entertaining. At Brown Sugar, you are escorted to this cozy steel ventilated booth (no tents there!) and then you basically strip down naked (you can wear disposable underwear if you’d like). Then the spray tan artist customizes the organic blend to your liking and then sprays the solution evenly, cleaning and blending different areas along the way.

After your tan, you can’t shower for 6 hours so don’t plan on doing anything sweaty! Make sure you moisturize afterwards to prolong your tan but don’t use any lotions with mineral oil. Jacquelyne suggests using A Midsummer Nights Cream by Trader Joe’s as a lightweight daily lotion.

As a brown woman, I am finally convinced of the magic of spray tans. If you live in San Francisco, Brown Sugar is kind enough to offer Citrus & Gold readers $10 off their spray tan by mentioning “citrus and gold” before booking an appointment. They are offering this discount until the end of January!

Author: Akansha