C&G Feature of the Month: Simply Smita

I’m so excited to bring this feature on Simply Smita’s organic skincare products! The brand is run by creative and passionate wife-husband duo, Smita & Aman Kishore, out of good ole’ Windy City Chicago. Their deepest hope is to bring more Love into this world and to pay it forward to those in need.

I knew Smita was an expert at her craft when a few months ago I asked her desperately for advice around organic deodorant. I had recently switched from drugstore brand to a natural deodorant and was freaking out why I smelled so bad! Smita gently calmed down by nerves and told us our pits need to detox before switching to a natural solution. By the way, this merits a whole separate post of its own.

Anyways, let’s jump right in to the interview!

+What led to the creation of Simply Smita?

I was unhappy in my field for years due to the constant abuse of the medical system by rehab
facilities, hospitals and insurance companies, especially in regards to the geriatric population. I
knew that I wanted to do good and for that good to be reflected in the work that I did every day, but wherever I looked there were always half-truths and compromises to my ideal vision. At work, I had started seeing younger and younger patients in my office with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia, and I knew this couldn’t be normal. I felt that it was not only because of the added chemicals we were putting into our bodies, but also because of the chemicals that we are putting ON our bodies. And that is how I began making my own natural deodorant paste.

Because I also suffered from skin sensitivities from a young age, I quickly realized that I couldn’t find anything on the market that worked for me or that was completely pure ingredient wise. And therein was the start of making my own skincare products over 5 years ago. These products were the perfect vehicle to deliver our message of Love.

By making every decision a conscious one, from where we purchase our ingredients, to the packaging we use, to the ways we partner with local charities, I realized that we could create a business that’s ethical and environmentally conscious, while also establishing a sustainable stream of support for harity work and causes that are close to our hearts. Simply Smita is us. Simply Smita is our difference.

What’s your mission with Simply Smita?

Our mission is to spread Love in every possible way and to educate people to the best of our
We are committed to delivering only the best for our bodies, the environment and the
world. This means organic, fair-trade ingredients, recyclable and/or reusable packaging sourced
from companies committed to sustainability, creative partnerships with people that are doing
good work in our communities, and a yearly donation of 5% of our profits to charities and
causes that are close to our hearts, which will continue to increase as our company grows.

In just our first quarter, we were able to plant 70 trees in California with Cal Fire through our
biodegradable holiday ornaments, raise over $100 for Green Star Movement’s art programs in
Chicago through our special edition lip balms, and donated 5% of our profits to Mikva Challenge
to inspire our youth to be future leaders and advocates for a just society.

+So, tell us the secret behind the process of making your products!

We consider ourselves chefs. When making our products we’re cooking, and with any great dish, it all starts with the best organic ingredients. We use a commercial grade kitchen that’s used solely for Simply Smita products. Everything is handmade by us from start to finish. We measure and mix our ingredients in small batch quantities and slowly cook everything to bring it up to just the right temperature, using a ratio and process that we’ve perfected over the past 5 years.

What’s our secret ingredient? Love! We don’t just put everything on the stove and go. We mindfully monitor and connect with our ingredients and infuse them with Love and positive energy as they melt and blend together. By staying connected throughout the entire cooking process, we’re able to make sure that each batch is made to its best potential. Once mixed and melted, our products are carefully hand-poured and inspected on the spot. Anything not to our 100% liking gets the boot.

It’s not rocket science to make great skincare products. Organic, natural products that work well together is like making any classic dish: find the right ratio of ingredients, make it with love and patience, and serve!

+Are there any particular experiences or struggles you’d like to share with as entrepreneur?

I would say one of the biggest struggles and best learning experiences (which we are still
learning everyday), is trying to find the balance. Finding the balance between work and life,
especially because we are not only businesses partners but also married, has been a challenge.
When do you unplug? When do you stop and spend time on yourselves instead of creating a
new graphic or taking and editing a social media picture? Also, making sure that we are holding
ourselves and our company to the highest standards, being green and clean and charitable,
while also trying to create a business.

One of the best solutions we have found to finding that balance is communication. Easier said than done I know, but our best ideas and deepest fears have all come to the surface through trusting and talking. I believe that that is one of the secret ingredients to making it work.

+Share your favorite wellness hack!

Our Favorite Wellness Hack: when you wake up, take 5-minutes to set your intentions for the
day before reaching for your cell phone or getting lost in your routine. This can be anything from what you want to accomplish in the day, focusing on the things that make you happy, or
imagining your deepest dreams coming true. At night, take 5-minutes to review all that you are
grateful for that day or imagine yourself acting the way you wished you had in a particular
situation. Giving yourself 5-minutes in the morning and 5-minutes at night is equivalent to less
than 1% of your day (.069% to be exact).
It’s a wonderful gift that can have a profound effect
and change your overall attitude every day!

+Is there anything else you’d like to share about you or your brand :)?

I think the best way to describe Simply Smita is that it is truly us. We try to take everything we
Love and believe in and put it into this company. Be it from the simple joys of painting (our
special edition lip balms for Green Star Movement), learning to make stop animations (our baby
line intro video), to bigger messages of wellness and spirituality (our blog), or from designing our own labels to staying up all night fulfilling holiday packages, as we learn, grow, experience and evolve so will our company. And the reflection of that, we see as one of the best parts of
creating Simply Smita.

Be sure to check out the shop on Simply Smita! I’m personally a HUGE fan of their body balm and organic natural deodorant.

Author: Akansha