Race Recap: Bay to Breakers 2016


I plan on doing many race recaps in the near future & I wanted to start the series off with a very unique race: Bay to Breakers. Most people actually forget about the “race” portion of Bay to Breakers.

It’s a day where people dress up in costume, drink in the streets, and party as if they were back in college.

My boyfriend and I decided to run and then join in on the festivities :).

Bay to Breakers is a 12k run that’s been taking place for over 100 years (started in 1912 as a way to boost morale after the 1906 earthquake). The race starts in downtown near the embarcadero and finishes at the end of Golden Gate Park. As for the course, it’s relatively flat/downhill for San Francisco except for a huge hill at mile 2 known as the “Hayes Hill” .

The start line is packed with all kinds of runners/participants, I don’t even know where to start. You can tell people really put time into some of the costumes & some looked like they were doing this for decades. I was even surprised to see families with little kids ready for the event.

I also don’t understand the tradition of throwing tortillas in the air at the start line but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


We also spotted a group of centipede runners.


Our costume was sort of a last minute decision – we were a Lyft line. We threw on a couple of mini-lyft moustaches, pinned a balloon on our head to symbolize a pin drop, and even had rope to symbolize the line.

Yes, I did run a 12k with a balloon on my head.

I was super excited to run B2B but was in no means trying to race it. The first a couple of miles are filled with people drinking, walking, and having a good time. Once you pass the Pan Handle the crowd starts to clear up and it feels like a real race.

We ended up walking/running the race, taking pictures along the way and trying to avoid all the naked-people.


Even though I didn’t feel like I seriously raced B2B, I was stoked to get my medal at the end to add to my collection!

Author: Akansha