"I was lacking clarity around my brand and doing everything on my own. I *thought* I knew how to market, but I really had no idea. Working with Akansha, I’ve gotten SO much more clear on my brand and have established some clear systems that given me confidence and clarity with my marketing...which is INVALUABLE. My biggest takeaway was learning the power of storytelling and how to actually translate that to my brand on a regular basis. I hadn't gotten that anywhere else and would have never learned about this powerful tool if we hadn't worked together!"
“Akansha has been professional, personable, creative. She’s highly organized, goal driven, provides well-researched ideas and is reasonable about keeping my budget in mind as we test Facebook ads, etc. She also takes the time to gain a detailed understanding of my niche. Akansha is well known, respected and highly regarded in the Bay Area wellness community. I also feel she’s always looking out for my best interest, which is not always the case with consultants!”
“I never knew what strong content marketing was until I worked with Akansha as my coach. As a photographer, I am confident in producing strong imagery, but I felt lost when it came to sharing my message in words. Akansha has a genuine talent for listening to your life story and finding the right nuggets that resonate with your audience; she then helps you turn those nuggets into copy gold. Since working with her, I've learned the power of strategic storytelling and have a whole folder on the best words/stories to use when marketing my business — it's a true game changer!”
“The best thing about working with Akansha is that she really connects with you. She makes you feel comfortable and talks to you like she’s talking to her girlfriend at a cafe. She really helped me to access my confidence when it came to using storytelling to market my health coaching business. She really listened to my story and taught me how to tell my story in an authentic way to reach my ideal client! I highly recommend working with her!”
“I worked with Akansha on email marketing and cannot say enough about her expertise, especially her knowledge of the current digital landscape and what's needed to succeed. Akansha is clearly passionate about helping people grow their business; she's equally committed to the success of the individual as much as the outcome of the work done together. If you're looking for someone to help you create engaging content to grow your reach, consider working with Akansha. It's an investment that visibly translates to impact.”