My Kind of Retail Therapy: Whole Foods


Hi all!

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great! I went to a music festival in San Francisco, Outside Lands, all weekend with my boyfriend and some friends. It was a bit exhausting but it felt great being able to disconnect from my regular routine. Oh I also got to see one of my favorite artists EVER, Lana Del Rey :D.

Soo I’m working on another more thoughtful, raw post but I need some time before I can fully write it. Honestly I can’t really figure out how to vocalize how I feel….my words haven’t caught up to my mind yet. But anyways, it will happen in due time!

What I can share is that I have had more than a couple of bad days these past few months and I’ve need different outlets to brighten my mood. Sometimes it’s yoga or a nice walk, but other times good-old retail therapy seems to do the trick.

My kind of retail therapy does not include shoes, clothes, or handbags, but rather a few fun snacks from Whole Foods. I don’t shop there on a weekly basis but I like to treat myself to quirky vegan, gluten-free, healthier treats occasionally.

Here’s a few things from my shopping “haul” last week (I’ve wanted to use that word ever since I saw Blair Fowler doing them on YouTube 10 years ago).

Whole Foods Haul


    1. Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water – I discovered this coconut water a couple of years ago at Whole Foods and it’s now my favorite packaged coconut water! For a while I could only find them at Whole Foods but luckily they are available at many more places now.
    2. I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs – I tried these puffs our Chicago office and I was addicted instantly. They are a local Chicago brand so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find them here but luckily Whole Foods carries the brand!
    3. Veggie Fresh Rolls – These look very pretty but were a tad bit dry. Will try making my own version at home soon.
    4. Grindstone Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie – Hmm this cookie is a bit mealy and dry but still enjoyable (probably because it had chocolate). Though calories are not a huge deal for me and I was a bit surprised the cookie is over 500 calories. I’m sure they are nutrient dense!
    5. Kite Hill Vegan Cheese – nothing compares to the real thing, but Kite Hill makes a good alternative.

Any recommendations on what I should try next?

P.S. I’m doing a fun ab-challenge on Instagram for the month of August. Follow along if you aren’t already 🙂


Author: Akansha