Five Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

The most-asked question related to blogging is “how do you make money?” It’s a juicy question that is not covered often enough so I want to share how you, a content creator, can create multiple streams of income through blogging.

I invite you to think out of the box when it comes monetizing your blog. Essentially I would see your blog as content marketing for a brand and business with a bigger purpose. I share a lot more tips around building a sustainable blog and brand in my FB group Passion to Profit | Brand Strategy for Creatives so I would love to have you jump in there!

Five Ways to Make Money Through Blogging

1. Sponsorships

The most obvious answer for monetization is through advertising and sponsorships but I’d say for 95% of bloggers sponsorships alone are not enough. With sponsorships you also have to adhere to many brand rules and guidelines that can leave creatives like you frustrated.

However if you do want to go down the sponsorship route, you have to prove that you have some sort of following (whether it be a few hundred, few thousand, or few hundred thousand). It doesn’t matter if you are an excellent writer; if people are not consuming your content brands are not paying you.

So how do you get sponsorships? There are loads of agencies that can connect you to brands (Influenster, Collectively, Linqia to name a few) which can be great opportunities for exposure. However, if you are a smaller blogger, most likely the deals will be small since there is a third-party who also gets a cut.

Your best bet is to send pitches to brands you love. The worst case scenario? They say no, but often they are willing to work with you in some capacity, even if there is no monetary compensation.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is quite different than sponsorships because you are sharing products that you already use (and probably pay for). Many companies/services offer affiliate opportunities such as Bluehost, ConvertKit, and of course Amazon. I wouldn’t expect to make thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing at first, but it doesn’t hurt to gain a few dollars here and there for recommending a product you love.

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing, it’s super easy to sign-up as an Amazon affiliate (at least if you live in the US). Doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!

3. Freelance

As a blogger, I’m assuming you like to write, so why don’t you get paid for some of the content you create? There are many publications looking for freelance writers and this website, Beyond Your Blog, has an extensive list of publications that offer paid and non-paid opportunities.

With freelance, the best-case scenario is you find a publication willing to have you on retainer!

I will say that do evaluate whether the time spent pitching and creating content for other publications is worth it based on your brand goals and visions. If you are spending 4-5 hours a week creating content for other publications but you feel like that time could be used more effectively for your brand, I would reconsider this option!

4. Products

Ahh products are a lovely thing to focus on as a content creator. Why? Because you essentially have full control over the offering! You’ve taken time to build an audience, build trust with them, so now it’s your time to give additional value for your audience by creating something they desire.

Products can come in all shapes and sizes: from an e-commerce store, online course, or eBooks. Think about the scalability of your offerings, the costs, your margins to decide if it’s worth it for you and your business!

5. Services

I don’t know if you’ve realized, but you are essentially running all parts of business with a blog. You’ve probably learned a good amount of photography, design, copywriting, email marketing and more. These skills are SO VALUABLE in the digital age and so many people will pay you for this knowledge. You can help other creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, or maybe even use these skills to pivot into a career you actually love.

Whew so there you go: five ways you can make money with your blog now. Instead of waiting for brands to hand you a paycheck,  be proactive, get creative and show the world what you are worth.

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