Storytelling That Sells Group Coaching Program

I’m not going to beat around the bush: strategic storytelling sells. It works. It saves you time, provides you clarity, and attracts the right customers that you are EXCITED to serve.

Marketing is a fancy term for getting people to like you (and your brand). The core of marketing is building relationships (just at scale)!

Email marketing, Facebook Ads, Instagram posts…those are just a piece of the puzzle. If you look closely, it’s the content — the story that is the true backbone of these tools. We are naturally good at sharing stories, connecting with people in real life but something bizarre happens when we go digital.

We put up a wall and forget how to be human  — we forget how to connect with people! Why? Well we get trapped in comparisonitis, we forget our true purpose and chase after vanity metrics, and most importantly we forget who we are talking to.

I never knew what strong content marketing was until I worked with Akansha as my coach. As a photographer, I am confident in producing strong imagery, but I felt lost when it came to sharing my message in words. Akansha has a genuine talent for listening to your life story and finding the right nuggets that resonate with your audience; she then helps you turn those nuggets into copy gold. Since working with her, I've learned the power of strategic storytelling and have a whole folder on the best words/stories to use when marketing my business — it's a true game changer!

If you are able to pinpoint your readers, your ideal client, the ONE person you would love to share your products/services with over coffee, your online content will flow with ease! Strategic storytelling is about getting to know your customers fears, desires, insecurities. Understand what’s going on in their minds and provide a solution that is packaged in a relatable story.

This isn’t rocket-science. You’ve heard this before, you know it works… yet for some reason you still feel stuck. You just haven’t been provided with the clear steps, tools, and accountability to make it work for YOU. And that’s what this program is designed to do :).

We are all capable of building relationships in real-life which means that we all are capable of captivating an audience online. It’s not creativity, it’s not your writing skills, that make you a successful storyteller. It’s your willingness to be human online.

I’m here to help you unleash the real, authentic you. I am so confident that if you apply the teachings of this program, you will easily be able to attract the right customers, clients, and audience. I’ve seen it work for myself, my clients, and many other successful online business owners.

The best thing about working with Akansha is that she really connects with you. She makes you feel comfortable and talks to you like she’s talking to her girlfriend at a cafe. She really helped me to access my confidence when it came to using storytelling to market my health coaching business. She really listened to my story and taught me how to tell my story in an authentic way to reach my ideal client! I highly recommend working with her!


Week 1: Getting clear with your goals, your brand and mission. We will turn brain-fog into clear, actionable steps.

Week 2:  Helping you get past the fear of niching down, and choosing your ideal clients. Remember, if you are talking to everyone you are talking to no one!  

Week 3: Time for some detective work. Let’s research, poll, and ask questions so you truly understand your audience. This is the fundamental step to selling online.

Week 4-6: Story-time! Developing stories that are authentic, fun, and relatable. I’ll help you speak from your heart, take inspired action, and provide real-time edits to make your content shine.

Week 7: Organization, strategy, automation so you spend less time in front of a blank piece of paper. I’ll share a few frameworks/tools on how to organize your content and how to leverage existing stories into repeatable campaigns!

Week 8: Promote authentically. We’ll chat about how to promote you and your brand in a way that feels damn good.


  • 2-30 minute 1:1 calls with me (a 1-hr session with me is normally $125)
  • 1-hr weekly group calls for 8-weeks with topics tailored to your needs (1:1 coaching with me for 8-weeks is $1,000)
  • Free resource library with trainings, storytelling resources, and group call replays (similar courses are valued at $197+)
  • Real-time edits/feedbacks to your stories! (my hourly rate is around $100/hr for this kind of work).
  • A tight-knit community of like-minded entrepreneurs looking to uplevel in their business (priceless ;)).

So yes, you get over $1400 of value in $397. This first group is a beta round so I am offering it for significantly less (next round will go up by $300). You’ll also get more hands-on time with me because I want to use this time to learn from you as well!   

I’ve priced this so even if you can’t make the all live calls, you’ll get TONS of value out of this over the 8 weeks! And finally, I’m capping this at a max of 8 people so you get the right level of support.



I am so confident that this program will transform your brand and business. However, if you realize this program isn’t for you after the first week, I will offer a you full refund.

Yes! In fact, storytelling was my number one asset in turning my platform into a business and brand. Before I knew how to run a business, I knew how to tell stories….and that’s what attracted an audience that I was later able to monetize.

Absolutely! I know it can be overwhelming to share content online so I am here to help you through the process. I’ll listen to your stories and help you craft it in a way that feels authentic and speaks directly to your audience.

Ah, the secret to strong storytelling is not creativity! There are 3 secrets to authentic storytelling are 1. Focus on solving problems 2. Getting rid of judgement from others and 3. Knowing your audience really really well. We will cover all aspects in the program!

 Is it fear that is makes you shy away from the investment? Perhaps you are struggling to fully believe in yourself? Well whatever the case may be I’ve personally seen myself and my clients have instrumental growth after taking a bet on themselves.

There is a chance that I’ll be  offering a similar program in the future. However, the prices for the next round will go up $200-300!

If you have any more questions related to this group coaching program, shoot me a note at akansha [at]

I worked with Akansha on email marketing and cannot say enough about her expertise, especially her knowledge of the current digital landscape and what's needed to succeed. Akansha is clearly passionate about helping people grow their business; she's equally committed to the success of the individual as much as the outcome of the work done together. If you're looking for someone to help you create engaging content to grow your reach, consider working with Akansha. It's an investment that visibly translates to impact.

Let me help you get past that fear of being vulnerable. Together, let’s strategize so you can spend less time feeling overwhelmed and more time creating content that feels good. We are going to make storytelling so much fun!