Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work. Here’s What Does.

SELF-REFLECTION WORKSHEET: 17 Questions for 2017

New year, new me – that’s how the saying goes. But what do we really change about ourselves at the turn of a calendar year?

Let’s think smaller…what are you going to do differently TODAY compared to what you did tomorrow. New Year’s resolutions are not about next year, next month; they are about today and tomorrow, and the next day. They are on-going and take effort and time.

For a while I used to say “I am against New Year’s Resolutions” but I don’t think that’s entirely true. Resolutions in other words are goals, milestones, and desires – all amazing things to strive for. If done correctly, New Year’s Resolutions can be beneficial.

Here’s a few ways how we can see New Year’s Resolutions in a different light:

Before writing your resolutions for next year, reflect and learn from this year: Many of us so eager to think about the future without learning from the past. What did you well in this year, what didn’t go so well? What were your priorities and goals and how have they changed? I created a self-reflection worksheet for 2017 to help you bring clarity into your goals for next year. You can download it using the banner above or scroll down to the bottom of this post for more details :).

Don’t jump on the bandwagon: There are a lot of new promotions and challenges in the New Year. Make sure whatever you sign-up for is what you need for yourself at the moment. For example, many of my friends & family are signing-up for different fitness challenges and though I’ve been tempted, I know my life doesn’t need another fitness challenge right now. If you half-heartedly commit to something that you really don’t want or need, chances are you are going to fail.

Think short term: Let’s be honest, how many of us can focus on the same goals for an entire year (if you can, please do share because I’d love to learn your ways!)? For the majority of us, it’s almost impossible to create resolutions for a full year. I’d recommend breaking down your goals into shorter time frames. I like 3 months because that’s long enough to instill a habit and see some sort of results without losing track.

Create a system: Many times we write a goal and fail to think of a system of how we are going to achieve said-goal. It’s important to write concrete, habitual steps you can take to meet that goal. I actually learned this tip from my full-time job where we write our quarterly goals (OKRs – objective key results). Our objectives are high-level but the key results we write are measurable & quantifiable.

Keep them visible: If you are going to create New Year’s resolutions make them visible so you are kept accountable. Write them down, post them somewhere you will see them frequently. I know it can be uncomfortable to see your resolutions right in front of your face, but it’s important to have a constant reminder!

Homework time: Download the 2017 self-reflection worksheet to set yourself up for success for 2018!

SELF-REFLECTION WORKSHEET: 17 Questions for 2017

Author: Akansha