How to Create a Digital Vision Board with Pinterest and Canva

Vision boards are great tools to help you find clarity & focus in your goals in order to manifest the life you want. Traditionally vision boards are created using large poster boards with quotes and images from magazines and other print media. But honestly a) who even buys magazines now and b) who has time to find, cut, and paste images??

I always saw the benefit in vision boards but this Silicon Valley gal was not going to spend hours crafting my perfect vision board. However, once I figured out how to create a digital vision board my life was changed!

I promise you digital vision boards works as well if not better than traditional ones and they can take less than an hour to make! Below I’ve listed out the steps on how you can create your own digital vision board using Pinterest and Canva.

How to Create a Digital Vision Board


I like to view Pinterest as my “repository” for my vision board (here’s the techie in me again). It’s a place to collect and curate all of your images & quotes.  You don’t necessarily need to use all of these images at once;  collecting a host of images will help when you want to create vision boards for different stages or focuses in your life whether they be career, health, or relationships. This method gives you options for multiple boards!

The first steps of creating your digital vision board are in Pinterest so if you don’t already have an account, sign up for free.

Once you are logged into your account, create a Pinterest “Board” and label it “Vision Board.” Now start collecting inspiring photos, quotes, or upload your own images! Add as many images as you like and you can even upload your own. If you want to take it a step further, customize the caption of each image and write why you chose it for your vision board.

Now many people stop with their digital vision board here but if you are like me, you are not checking Pinterest everyday for inspiration. You need your vision board to be consistently visible which is where Canva comes into play.

Before exiting  Pinterest, right click and save the images from Pinterest into a folder and label it “Vision Board.” You will use these images to upload to Canva in a couple of steps.


Canva is also a free tool that makes simple graphic design for everyone (sign-up if you haven’t already) It has changed the game for me when it comes to graphics for my blog, facebook, group and social media. It makes it so easy to create beautiful collages which is what we will be doing for the vision board.

First create a design: you have many options on what kind of vision board you’d like to create. You have the option of creating a poster, phone background, desktop wallpaper and more. I chose a desktop wallpaper because I know that’s something I’ll see every day.

Once you select your design, remove any existing images from the template and then choose “Elements.” In Elements choose “Grid” and drag and adjust as many grids as you’d like into your design.

Now go to “Uploads” and upload your images from your vision board folder on your computer. Drag and drop the pictures into the grid in your design until you get the perfect look!

Finally download your vision board and display it loud and proud!

I hope that tutorial was helpful. I also have this video tutorial recorded from my workshop for those who would like more visual guidance.

Have you created a digital vision board before? Let me know if you try this method!

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  • Love this idea!! I look at my computer screen most of my day…why not use it to view images of everything that keeps me motivated. Thank you for the great idea!