Your Blogging Questions Answered!

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Hi! I’ve gotten many questions over the past couple of years around blogging so I’ve compiled a list of questions and articles that will hopefully help you in your journey. If you have any blogging questions, please shoot me a note at


What do you use for hosting?

I run a WordPress blog through Bluehost and got my domain for FREE through them! Would highly recommend self-hosting as you have much more control over your site.

Who takes your pictures?

Great question! A lot of people haha. I have a mix of pictures paid & free photoshoots, my family & friends, and a lot by myself! I think it’s worth investing in 1-2 branded photoshoots and a good camera! I love my Canon 6D but I started out using a Canon Rebel camera which is much more affordable!

How often do you blog?

Consistency is key with blogging but you have to find what works for you! I aim for one post a week and if I can get more in then great! But remember, with running a blog 20% of the work is writing the content and 80% is marketing!

Do you make a lot of money from blogging?

Short answer is no but do make some money through sponsorships, affiliates, freelance, courses, and coaching! What I will tell you is that it’s given me the confidence to take a pivot in my career, teach group fitness, and start my own business!

What do you use to send emails?

ConvertKit! Switching over to ConvertKit from Mailchimp was seriously a game-changer for me. It showed me ways to utilize my email list in ways other than templated newsletters and I was able to grow my email list by 4X after making the switch. If you are a blogger looking to step-up your game, I highly recommend checking out ConvertKit.

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