Blocking out the noise

I came back from India, went to Vegas for a conference two days later, got back to work after a month off, and started my gig teaching POP Pilates the week later. Tiring, fun, but doable.

The Noise

I also came back to a lot of other “noise” that was harder to manage. A long list of marketing emails telling me how to run my blog as a business, countless of fitness challenges popping up on instagram feed, and never-ending political posts on Facebook. Compared to physical busyness and real-life hecticness (did I just make up a word?), this mental noise was much harder to cope with.

The intangible content looming around in my email & social media was emotionally & mentally exhausting. What do I read, who do I listen to, and what do I focus on? Do I want to find ways to monetize my blog, do I need a new fitness regime, do I need to be fervently checking my news feed for the latest updates?

Or do I need to step away from it all and just listen to myself without any external influence?

The last couple of weeks, I’ve mentally blocked out unnecessary emails & posts. I’ve shared less on social media, I’ve digested less and really focused on what makes me happy on a day-to-day basis.

And thank god, its working. I’ll follow-up with another post on what specific steps I’m taking to block out the noise, reset, and focus on my own happiness.

P.S. here’s a picture of my grandma and I in India. Isn’t she adorable?


Author: Akansha