Birthday Post: 26 Lessons I learned for 26

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Last week I celebrated my 26th birthday. As I grow older I’m beginning to enjoy more low-key intimate celebrations as I feel like I can fully enjoy the moments instead of worrying about everyone else. I think it’s okay to be a little selfish on your birthday!

My mother and I started off the day with a bootcamp workout and then spent the afternoon getting massages, lunch, and a little bit of shopping. In the evening my boyfriend and a couple of my close friends came over to my place for dinner and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I felt so loved. Gratitude and happiness have filled me to the brim the last few days.

I collected a few wise words for 26 from fellow friends and mentors, and in return I’d like to share my own learnings in life up until this point:

26 Lessons for 26

  1. Family always come first.
  2. Sunscreen is so damn important. And a skincare regimen is a must.
  3. Invest in yourself first before giving back to others.
  4. Healthy for you is different than healthy for me.
  5. There is no perfect diet or workout.
  6. California is still the best place to live. Period.
  7. Traveling with your significant other is one of the best feelings in the world.
  8. Don’t feel bad for saying “no.” Be selfish with your time.
  9. Paleo chocolate chip cookies are the biggest life saver.
  10. Feeling comfortable at work is boring.
  11. The desire to make money doesn’t make you greedy.
  12. Your mom is still your best role model.
  13. In fact, you’ll find many people who inspire you but very few role models.
  14. Not everyone needs to have #squadgoals.
  15. Having two best friends beats having 10 okay friends.
  16. Camping ain’t half bad.
  17. Not all women crave drama.
  18. Not all guys are assholes.
  19. Rosé, Netflix, and boozy brunches are overrated. Sorry not sorry.
  20. Sunlight is the best drug for happiness.
  21. Living debt-free is pretty awesome.
  22. Everyone should learn how to become a good sales person.
  23. Self-help podcasts and audiobooks are amazing.
  24. Success is very subjective.
  25. Adulting is expensive.
  26. Life is not as complicated as we make it.

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