About Me

If I know you…

You’re destined to build a massively successful business with a higher purpose, a deeper meaning. You are here to make a major impact by helping and inspiring others. You know deep down you have a gift that needs to be shared with this world.

But how do you actually manifest this reality?

How do you go from having an ad hoc approach to marketing (marketing when you feel like it), to a strategic and consistent system that actually contributes to your business growth in a meaningful way? What strategies and shifts do you need to get closer to your goals?

This is where I come in.

If you are looking for marketing that is not only effective but also feels aligned with your own vision and brand, I got you.


My Mission with Citrus & Gold:

My mission with Citrus & Gold is to help driven entrepreneurs create marketing content that not only sells but also feels good to promote.

I’ve had several people ask me ” If there was one area which was most important in online marketing what would it be…?”.

It’s your messaging.

Without the right content, your emails, ads, and social media are not going to be very effective. Your messaging (to the right audience) is literally the backbone of ALL of your online marketing.

And while my answer may seem obvious, you’d be surprised how few companies have nailed this. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we need to pick the right strategies that also align with your voice and truth. And that comes alive through your content.

The beauty of this approach is that we are able to take marketing from our heads into our hearts.

My Story:

On paper, everything was perfect: I graduated from U.C. Berkeley and landed a prestigious job as a marketing & analytics professional at LinkedIn. I had a generous salary, a decent work-life balance, and a career that was interesting enough.

But dare I admit…that I wanted more?

That I didn’t wait to follow other people’s rules just to get a 5% raise or the word “senior” in front of my title. That I didn’t care to spend hours in meetings talking about strategies that make the same corporations and old white men richer (sorry not sorry). That I wanted to go even deeper in marketing and messaging that didn’t always require us to speak in code (CPM, ROI, KPI, etc.).

So, I took the scary leap of faith and quit my corporate job…leaving all certainty and structure behind. The journey hasn’t been easy but being able to work with ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs like you has made the experience completely worthwhile.

With Citrus & Gold, I’m here help you create an authentic brand and relatable content that feels good to promote by balancing both intuition and analytics in the process.

About Akansha:

Akansha Agrawal is a marketing coach and consultant at Citrus & Gold, and the co-author of The Healthy Indian Food Cookbook. She graduated from UC Berkeley and grew her career at LinkedIn as a marketing & analytics professional before creating Citrus & Gold. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs create powerful, engaging content that allows them to sell more authentically.

My approach can help you if:

  1. You are committed to growing or positioning your business in a way that feels aligned with your truth and core values.
  2. You’re ready for a strategic content creation plan so your posts no longer feel forced or rushed.
  3. You are willing to do the work to research your audience, understand their pains and desires to create compelling content that sells

All of my services start with a complimentary consultation. To learn more about exactly how I can help your business, click the button below.